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Vanishing Craftsmen
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English or Japanese
Up to 10 persons, minimum 2 to goˆ
ˆFor single explorers, do drop us a DM, we'll try to accommodate.
Tour priced from at $
per person*

* >5 pax sign ups and above enjoy 20% off

** Price includes food tasting.

Route Details
Jalan Besar MRT → Veerasamy Rd → Municipal Quarters @ Hindoo Rd → Jalan Berseh [food stop] → Rochor River → Kelantan Rd → Chitty Rd
tour story

“Singapore’s hardware is developing impressively, yet some of its software has not quite caught up alongside.” An off-the-cuff comment by a visitor had us stood up go in search of those remnants of personalities and their tales in our favourite neighbourhood.

‘Vanishing Craftsmen’ here include trades, scenes and even food that are worth preserving and this walk seeks to expose us to this truly endangered intangible cultural heritage that is fading faster than we can spell ‘Mala Hot Pot’.

The early residents here took pride in the achievements of various trades that exhibited qualities such as perseverance, diligence, adaptability and creativity in those challenging times.

This is more than just history, but really, meeting some of these pioneers in their trades, feeling our hands along the rough edges of structures forgotten, and tucking into cuisines whipped up by the final generation who holds the keys to heirloom recipes.  

What exists today, ceases tomorrow, may never be recovered again.

Base Prices:
  • $160 per session (For 2 pax)
  • $216 per session* (For 3 pax)
  • $272 per session* (For 4 pax)
*Discount is valid for limited time period only.
Add-ons (optional):
  1. Your ‘Untold’ ride sweeping you off from one location to our meeting spot @ $20 flat per person
  2. An ‘Untold’ meal of either lunch or dinner @ $30 per person (inclusive of alcoholic beverage)
  3. Additional hour @ $50 if you find 2 hours too short
What do i need to wear or bring?

Bring along (non-single use if possible) water bottle, comfy walking wear and shoes and an umbrella. (we standby raincoats - disposable unfortunately - just in case, all the time)

Is there any covid-19 measures?

Priority is with our guests’ well-being, with that in mind, we require all participants to adhere to following set of regulations and guidelines:

  • A mandatory temperature check will be conducted at the beginning of the tour;
  • Participants who are unwell (eg. with temperature of 37.5 and above) will not be allowed to partake in the tour;
  • Face masks must be put on throughout, hand sanitizers are mandatorily provided to all from the beginning;
  • Observing safe distancing measures throughout is ensured;
  • Partners we work with practice the above faithfully too.

Above measures are understandably disruptive and require plenty of effort from our guests, however, Offbeat intends to meet those high standards to ensure everyone is safe and has a good time with us.

What if it rains during the tour?

For light rains during or before, the Experience continues unabated. In the event of a potential thunderous shower, the host will take a decision 2 hours before our meeting time, and the Experience may be postponed or continued.

Should said shower occur during the tour, the host will take a decision then and there. For all postponements, make up Experiences will be arranged separately.

However, should the weather turn sour while we are deep into the Experience, the host will provide an alternative plan to ensure everyone’s safety first, and carry on as per normal.

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Dec 2020
As a local Singaporean, Offbeat has shown me a side of my own country that I would have never discovered myself. The tour has brought a lot of light to the things that I often overlook. It has also allowed me to better understand and connect with the people around the area, getting to know many interesting stories and history. Without a doubt, this tour is one of the best I have been on and this would not be the last tour I would take with Offbeat!
Feb 2020
A very personalized walk more than seeing these hidden gems of Singapore; got to know and understand some great lives behind these places as well. Enjoyed the walk a lot and thanks to tour guide Jan for bringing a personal touch to each place he brought us to!
Feb 2020
This was distinctly different from all the other guided tours I have taken. Providing an original take on the clash between the old and the new in Singapore, this guided tour offered a unique insight into a hidden perception of Singapore that is likely not going to be around for much longer.
Jaana L.
Feb 2020
We have been visiting Singapore a few times already and seen the main ”must see” places and attractions and thus wanted to dig a little deeper and found Jan’s walking tour. The tour was one of the best we have attended offering a well told history in Singaporean past and present with a guide that truly loves the city and knows the city and its history.

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