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Pinch of Singapore
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Min. 8 persons to start
We reserve the right to suggest alternative dates; and/or to cancel the tour date
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'Pay as you wish'. It is entirely up to you. If you enjoy our walks, a suggested tip amount is S$30 ~ $50 per person

Route Details
Chinatown → Little India → Kampong Glam
tour story

Multi-ethnicity, multiculturalism, multiracial and interracial.
Singapore celebrates it all.

This offbeat walking tour (IN ENGLISH) in turn pays tribute to this exceptionally unnatural occurrence; from hearing the good, not so good; to tasting ethnic bites & smelling the roses of flowers knotted into garlands. We cover,

The highlights:

  • Not 1, not 2, but all 3 ethnic quarters
  • Don't just hear, or listen, but bite into the local(est) snacks
  • Ask away any question about anything of this melting pot
  • Besides walking, we hop onto public transport too!**

Background Story (to date):
With colossal buildings, hurried development, and incredible economic growth that thrives as much as its greenery, this bustling cosmopolitan Singapore overflows with opportunities, businesses, and trade. But what's pulsating within the city is beyond what most eyes see. Made up of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and various other ethnicities, cultural heritage is what makes Singapore, Singapore — a gathering of different cultures coexisting in one agreeable space.  


i. Please reply our messages otherwise we ignore your reservation and cancel them whenever we see fit

ii. There’s a minimum of 8 participants (keeping our groups small under 15p) in order for this tour to start. We do our best to combine groups, and/or start as many tours as possible. Appreciate your kind understanding

iii. Suggested tip amount: S$30 ~ $50 per person (most of us are not crazy rich Asians, and life here is Expensive, we really do appreciate your love)

iv. This tour is designed to hit all the 3 ethnic quarters in a short & sweet manner providing you a clearer idea of what we are about. We are hopeful it'll give you a better idea where to spend more time in

v. We're taking public transport for short rides. Participants need their own visa/mastercard. YES! Your own card allows you to travel with ease (albeit with an additional S$0.50 fee) on this island's public transport system

vi. Photo of Meeting Point can be found in the photo slide show for reference

vii. Unfortunately, this tour is not designed for families with children below 12 years old; neither is it for folks with moving difficulty. The pace is medium to fast covering 3-4km; taking the train twice.

Base Prices:
  • $160 per session (For 2 pax)
  • $216 per session* (For 3 pax)
  • $272 per session* (For 4 pax)
*Discount is valid for limited time period only.
Add-ons (optional):
  1. Your ‘Untold’ ride sweeping you off from one location to our meeting spot @ $20 flat per person
  2. An ‘Untold’ meal of either lunch or dinner @ $30 per person (inclusive of alcoholic beverage)
  3. Additional hour @ $50 if you find 2 hours too short
What do i need to wear or bring?

Personal water bottle (our tap water everywhere is super safe), comfy walking wear and shoes and an umbrella.

(only for 'Vanishing Craftsmen' please bring along a house/office key for an activity)

What if it rains during the tour?

Looking ahead a day before us meeting, we will update everyone, usually on Whatsapp, of any possible changes or updates. Please look out our messages.

For light rains during or before, the Experience continues unabated. In the event of a potential thunderous shower, we will take a decision 2 hours before our meeting time, the Experience may then be postponed or continued.

Should said shower occur during the tour, we will take a decision then and there. For all postponements, please discuss with us separately.

However, should the weather turn sour while we are deep into the Experience, the host will provide an alternative plan to ensure everyone’s safety first, and carry on as per normal.

I have registered but now I can't make it.

Do DM us at +65 8021 0271 or drop us an email, and we will do our best to make alternative plans/suggestions for you.

May I leave halfway?

Yes, you are not obliged to stay throughout. For whatever reason you need to leave before the end, please inform us so we don't panic and call the police, which is what a panicked us would do ; p

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Mandy Kaur
May 2024
The walking tour with Edwina was fantastic! We particularly enjoyed being able to sample the local food. Edwina was also very knowledgable. Great walking tour!
Karen Taylor
May 2024
Stephen was an excellent guide, the tour was interesting and entertaining and even included food and drink. Stephen was very knowledgeable and personable. Highly recommend this tour.
Andreas Lang
May 2024
Jamie is a very funny tour guide. Her tour was very informative, well structured and with a lot of personal stories and cultural insights. Thank you Jamie, all the best!
Yaiza D.
Apr 2024
Jan was an amazing tour guide. He talked about history, economics, cultural policies… people on the tour were super nice. We enjoyed the conversations and Jan was super approachable and answer all our questions. He also had food tasting and it was simply marvellous. Totally recommended if you go to Singapore: a pinch of Singapore. Don’t miss it ;)

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