Of Mystery & Suspense
2.5 hours
Hosted in English or Japanese
Up to 7 persons, Minimum 2 to go
Tour starts from $80 per person.
*Includes a meal + beverages / Includes all entrance fees, if any.
What’s it really about
Think you have got Singapore all figured out? We invite you to join us in going beyond the surface to take a deeper look at our everyday lives, places we have taken for granted, and faces whom we have not met. Surprise and suspense make for an exciting adventure so come with an open mind not knowing the itinerary ahead of time, on a day of your choice. Together with your group, let’s discover a part of Singapore you hardly knew existed.

With a multitude of untold stories and special access to private spaces and unique locations, this is a one-of-a-kind experience tailored for you. Hear firsthand personal tales and anecdotes from passionate individuals eager to share their stories. Each tour ends off with a meal that captures the heritage or flavour of the visited area or gives you a taste of the culture that is fast disappearing.

How do we know what your group and yourself would like - the key lies in answering a short questionnaire followed by a virtual chat from which we will ascertain your whims and fancies.

This mystery journey is specially tailored to your interests and preferences - no one will know where it starts or ends. Let us share with you our perspective of Singapore - a rich tapestry of colours, smells, tastes, and sounds.
Base Prices:
  • $160 per session (For 2 pax)
  • $216 per session* (For 3 pax)
  • $272 per session* (For 4 pax)
*Discount is valid for limited time period only.
Add-ons (optional):
  1. Your ‘Untold’ ride sweeping you off from one location to our meeting spot @ $20 flat per person
  2. An ‘Untold’ meal of either lunch or dinner @ $30 per person (inclusive of alcoholic beverage)
  3. Additional hour @ $50 if you find 2 hours too short
Step 1
Sign up
Start by booking with us! Indicate the number of participants and your preferred date for the outing. (The best experiences are curated with at least two weeks lead time!)
Step 2
Let's get acquainted
After signing up, an email would be sent with links for payment and to a questionnaire. Fill that up with gusto! and complete your payment. We'll be in touch to fix up a short Zoom call.
Step 3
Over the call, let's chat freely about what everyone enjoys or not. Before we end, your host will reveal clues thru a blurb of the Experience. We'll 'double confirm' the date and time, and voila!
Step 4
Get Ready
Stay excited for your very own (as yet) Untold Experience, with clues coming your way as the date draws nearer.
How do you plan the tour for me?

In order to minimise hassle from your end, and ensure the Experience is not leaked beforehand, you would complete a list of 10 simple questions; and we follow that up with a short meet up via Zoom.

The call is absolutely necessary for all participants in your group, as it allows you to know who your host is and for us to clarify what we think everyone might like, or not.

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Mar 2021
“Untold was amazing, fun, with its own unique twist! 100% recommend!”
Jasmin H.
Feb 2020
I visited Singapore with my friend and we were so lucky to have Jan as our guide. Jan is one of the greatest tour guides I've ever met - he is so passionate about his work, and his awesome personality gives the tour some fun, individual twist. We had the best time with him and he really made us feel part of Singapore. 100% recommended!
Chin Hwee.
Jan 2020
I am amazed by how passionate, humorous, down-to-earth and inspirational he is as a tour guide. Walking along with the historical architecture and listening to his stories is like reliving the history. He has shared with me a lot of interesting things on this little red dot, a place I called home, despite I am a local. There is so much history about Singapore that I didn't know about. I really get to appreciate my country. This is the best tour that I have had so far. I can't wait for more of his tours!
Julius L.
Jan 2020
Mr. Jan is a true local of Singapore and you will definitely feel his energy rush during his explanations. I did not only learn from him but I enjoyed the way he gave us information. Feel free to ask him anything and I'm sure you'll enjoy the conversation. If you're looking for an exciting and entertaining tour, I highly recommend going with Mr. Jan!

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