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offbeat FAQ
How do you select your guides?

Even when licensed by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) as a General Tour Guide, most are not cut from the same cloth.

We look for Service Mentality and Attitude first; Ability to connect and engage authentically; and finally, be themselves for there is nothing more priceless than them sharing personal tales and experiences.

Why choose Offbeat over other tours?

We do not accept mediocrity, banality and what’s considered normal generally speaking, it is after all New Normal from here on.

And so we strive to think beyond ‘Tours’ to come up with experiences that matter, that create memories to celebrate.

Every experience is crafted with love (and plenty of sweat) to bring Extra out of the Ordinary for you.

Covid FAQ
What safety measures is Offbeat taking to ensure that we are safe during this period?

Offbeat Singapore as a tour operator and our tourist guides complies with all the latest requirements for Safe Management Measures (“SMMs”) by the Singapore Government and Singapore Tourism Board.

In ensuring safe re-opening of tours, in our support of the Singapore Government in providing a safe environment for both participants, staff and tour guides, and to minimize the risk of a COVID-19 resurgence, we require all participants to adhere to following set of regulations and guidelines:

  • Participants who are unwell (eg. with temperature of 37.5 and above) will not be allowed to join the tour;
  • Face masks must be put on throughout, hand sanitizers are mandatorily provided to all from the beginning;
  • Observing safe distancing measures throughout is ensured.

Above measures are understandably disruptive and require plenty of effort from our guests, however, Offbeat intends to meet those high standards to ensure everyone is safe and has a good time while on our Experiences.

Are your Experiences still going on?

Despite all the challenges, we are excited to share the stories and have you meet lovely folks on our experiences. For Singaporeans, ‘SingapoRediscover’ vouchers are also welcome.

Having said that, please note all physical Experiences are still limited to stipulated numbers of participants as allowed by standing regulations.

Tour FAQ
May I leave halfway?

Yes, you are not obliged to stay throughout. For whatever reason you need to leave before the end, please inform us so we don't panic and call the police, which is what a panicked us would do ; p

Do I need to pay for anything else?

For ‘Fixed Route Experiences’, bottled waters are provided. If you’d like to treat us to snacks and gifts along the way, that will be at your own cost. For ‘Untold Experience’, everything associated with the Highly Customised Experience is fully paid for, unless otherwise stated upfront. Private Tours are customised according to your needs, all details will be laid out upfront.

Are the routes stroller or wheelchair-friendly?

Unfortunately, the fixed routes are not stroller or wheelchair friendly, as the heritage areas of Singapore are stuck with mostly old infrastructure. That said, most steps along the route have a ramp, slope or elevator alternative, although that requires small detours. A possible alternative would be to take a private tour, which can then be customised to best suit the needs and interests of guests.

What if we have certain dietary requirements?

Where there is mention of food or drinks in the itinerary, we will be sure to clarify requirements with you. Otherwise, we would also be appreciative if you would volunteer this information upfront too.

Are your Experiences physically demanding?

For ‘Fixed Route Experiences’, they generally last 2.5 hours, and we will stop for short liquid breaks.

For ‘Untold Experience’, despite it having an element of surprise, we are sensitive to your needs and will check with everyone upfront on their physical condition. Private Tours are customised according to your needs, it will be tailored to suit your level of physicality.

What languages do you conduct in?

We can do both English and Japanese. For other languages, please feel free to put forth a request and we are happy to attempt to locate such guide for you. (For other languages, cost may differ as we may need to engage a specialist)

Would it be just us, or will there be others in our group?

Unless you have requested for a private tour, it will be with others. Your host/s are experienced and at every opportunity would encourage participation from everyone. We have seen groups hit it off so well, going on to meals after. We think this is an excellent opportunity to meet others who share similar interests as yourselves, whether it be Heritage, Culture or simply just us being Singaporeans, warm and friendly.

What are regular group sizes like?

8 persons. Besides adhering to Social Distancing Measures, it is to keep our group sizes tight and intimate, ensuring sharing of individual thoughts and questions may take place anytime without any judgement.

Sign up FAQ
I have registered but now I can't make it.

Do DM us at +65 8021 0271 or drop us an email, and we will do our best to make alternative plans/suggestions for you.

I have signed up more than 12 hours earlier, I have yet to receive any confirmation.

Please send us a Direct Message (DM) at on either Instagram or shoot us email. Should you possess our contact numbers, please do not hesitate to reach out too.

How far ahead do I need to sign up in advance?

Usually 5 days before. However, during these extraordinary times, we endeavour to fit into your schedule as tough as it might be. Please send us a Direct Message (DM) at on either Instagram/Facebook or shoot us an email.

Do you have anything for local residents?

Above and beyond the use of ‘SingapoRediscover’ vouchers, our Experiences are curated with love and thoughtfulness to draw out memories of past, bring new meaning to familiar spaces, uncover UNTOLD stories from residents of the communities that we conduct our Experiences in.

Whether you are a Singaporean, or a long term resident, our Experiences are meant to delight, engage and be memorable.

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