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About Us
We are an outfit that’s quirky, fun-loving and eternally curious.
We like exploring the lesser-known sides of Singapore and delving into the multiple facets of what it means to be Singaporean while pursuing our dreams.
so much yet to be revealed, to explore on this SUNNY island! we go bonkers!
We are people-centric.
What this means for you: We care about and listen to what you want in your tour, and tailor our experiences to educate, entertain and prompt you to think deeper about what you see and hear.

Our experiences are not just off the beaten track but also aim to get you to take a step back and reflect.
Get to know more about us!
We’d like you to feel comfortable with us when we’re showing you the hidden sights and sounds of our city. Read on to find out who we are!
Jan the Japanophile
Founder and Lead Guide
Here's all about him>>>

Jan has spent time living in Thailand and Japan and is now back in Singapore with fresh eyes (and ears) for anything pertaining to Singapore's history, culture and the arts. As someone who’s travelled extensively, his cultural sensibilities extend beyond the shores of this little red dot. He enjoys answering questions and sharing his honest perspectives of Singapore.

A fervent believer of the need to minimize our footprint during our short stay on this lovely planet, Jan is never found without his reusable bowls, cups and utensils that he faithfully carts around. Join him on a tour and see how he tries to keep green when showing local and foreign visitors around!

Jamie The Comic
Bubbly Guide no. 1
Here's all about her>>>

Jamie is like jello; can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and is one of our favourite happy desserts. She never lets you off till you've laughed your stresses dry!

Her uniform of khaki pants and sporty attire gives away her suppressed desire to work at Disneyland.

Go on, ask her her favourite Disney characters and you will never see the light of day ever again.

But come away, explore our island home with this pixie, you are guaranteed a bubbly, brightest of light of a time.