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Between Two Worlds
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Up to 5 persons, Minimum 4 to goˆ
ˆFor single explorers, please do drop us a DM. We will do our best to accommodate.
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Clarke Quay MRT (start) → Fullerton area (end)
tour story

We will take you down a nameless back alley amid the skyscrapers, to see ramshackle Taoist street shrines nestled next to dumpsters and air-conditioner compressors, where the statues have aged and peeled, but the daily fruit offerings are still fresh.

We will share with you the heart-breaking story of the heart-stoppingly grotesque underworld gods, the 1st and 2nd Granduncles (aka Black White Impermanence), and why labourers and cops were particularly fond of them.

We will learn about worship rituals that use everyday objects supercharged with poetic meanings, such as umbrellas, abacus, opium pipes and good old Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. We will spy a Goddess of Mercy statue, perched uniquely on a roof ledge at a restaurant.

We will develop an appreciation of the place of gods in the heroic nation-building story of Singapore, as we stroll from sunset into night, Yang into Yin.

The tour is developed by Say Tian Hng Buddha Shop, one of Singapore's oldest heritage businesses (est. 1896).

  • Please note that this tour does not involve visiting temples, spirit mediums or Say Tian Hng Buddha Shop.
  • The programme is secular in nature and suitable for guests of all religions and races. No prior knowledge of Taoism is required.
  • Learn about their origin story, a riverside tragedy unknown to even many devotees.
  • Learn about the unusual worship objects, such as abacus, palm leaf fan and "red-tongue dog" Guinness stout.
  • Learn why devotees choose to worship them instead of the mainstream deities.
  • Switch on your phone torchlights and explore a nameless, dumpster-filled back alley to see hidden ramshackle street shrines of related deities.
Base Prices:
  • $160 per session (For 2 pax)
  • $216 per session* (For 3 pax)
  • $272 per session* (For 4 pax)
*Discount is valid for limited time period only.
Add-ons (optional):
  1. Your ‘Untold’ ride sweeping you off from one location to our meeting spot @ $20 flat per person
  2. An ‘Untold’ meal of either lunch or dinner @ $30 per person (inclusive of alcoholic beverage)
  3. Additional hour @ $50 if you find 2 hours too short
What do i need to wear or bring?

Personal water bottle (our tap water everywhere is super safe), comfy walking wear and shoes and an umbrella.

(only for 'Vanishing Craftsmen' please bring along a house/office key for an activity)

What if it rains during the tour?

Looking ahead a day before us meeting, we will update everyone, usually on Whatsapp, of any possible changes or updates. Please look out our messages.

For light rains during or before, the Experience continues unabated. In the event of a potential thunderous shower, we will take a decision 2 hours before our meeting time, the Experience may then be postponed or continued.

Should said shower occur during the tour, we will take a decision then and there. For all postponements, please discuss with us separately.

However, should the weather turn sour while we are deep into the Experience, the host will provide an alternative plan to ensure everyone’s safety first, and carry on as per normal.

I have registered but now I can't make it.

Do DM us at +65 8021 0271 or drop us an email, and we will do our best to make alternative plans/suggestions for you.

May I leave halfway?

Yes, you are not obliged to stay throughout. For whatever reason you need to leave before the end, please inform us so we don't panic and call the police, which is what a panicked us would do ; p

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